Adding server 2008


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Hi everyone,
I currently have Vista and XP on a pair of raid0 drives and Ubuntu on an old pata drive.
These are all booting fine through easybcd.
I'm thinking of splitting up the pata drive so I can put windows server 2008 on to try.
Has anyone got any advice before I go ahead.
I will probably wipe the pata drive and then partion it and re-install ubuntu if that will make it easier.So,is there a best order to do this in,also I will probably disconnect the raid drives when I do this because ubuntu messes up the boot sector on just one of the raid drives.
You should be able to install Windows Server 2008 directly, without disconnecting any drives or formatting anything. You'll have a quad-boot without any extra steps needed, because Windows Server 2008 should pick up the existing EasyBCD configuration and simply add a new entry to it.
Too easy!

Well I'll give it a go and let you know how I get on.
Nothing ever seems to "just work" for me but maybe this will be a first.

I knew there would be a problem,apparently my partition or something else doesn't "meet the criteria required".
I'll have to look into it.