Adding Ubuntu to Vista not working


I have 3 SATA drives with Vista occupying the 1st 500GB drive.

I installed Ubuntu 7.04 to the 3rd drive (which has a NTFS partition on it already) and following the instructions in the doc didn't overwrite my MBR, but instead installed GRUB to the boot sector of the Ubuntu partition hda(2,2).

The install completed successfully, and booted right into Vista as expected. I go into EasyBCD and create a boot entry for each and every partition on disk 3 (now 4 or 5 of them) but at boot it can't find grub on any of them.

Did I miss something obvious?
I downloaded the beta version and clicked the option that grub wasn't installed on the partition (I think that's what it said) and it still wouldn't boot, but at least let me edit the boot parameters.

I got it to boot off hd(2,0) so then I reinstalled grub once in Ubuntu on its bootsector and was able to configure a standard boot entry for it inside EasyBCD.

Anyway it worked. Thanks for the suggestions!!
That's great news, glad to hear it! :smile:

If it gets you to the console and won't boot, you'd just need to either reinstall GRUB once in Ubuntu, or manually tweak your menu.lst file in /boot/grub/