Adding Virtual Disks to the BCD - Already possible through CLI

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Panarchy, it is indeed a feature EasyBCD 2.0 final well have. The current beta build doesn't have it yet though.
If you follow the instructions on the page you linked to then the Win 7 boot entry will be automatically added to the Vista BCD, and so you wont need to use EasyBCD, even if it were possible at this point to add an entry to your BCD with EasyBCD to boot a VHD. :wink:

The only place Easy might come into play (if it were possible) is if you accidentally deleted the entry, and needed to make sure not to delete your Win 7 entry! :brows:
No, because two reasons...

1) We're not Microsoft.
2) The Vista BCD already has the "feature", i.e. the capability to boot VHDs (though I suspect it doesn't do it directly). If you follow the directions to install Win 7 inside a .vhd file, the entry is automatically added to the Vista BCD, and it is booted when you select it in the menu.

I'm speaking from personal experience, because I have already done the very thing mentioned in that guide you posted a link to, and it works perfectly ok. And the Win 7 entry was added automatically to my Vista BCD, and I can boot it.
Oh, perfect.

Can't wait for a BCD installer for the Linux/BSD/Solaris OSs...

Perhaps once all bugs, and compatibility for all OSs is acheived with EasyBCD, and all other features requested been added, then perhaps adding an installer for hard-drives without ANY windows installs could be achieved using EasyBCD (or EasyBCD LiveCD?).

Just a thought!




Another advantage of EasyBCD supporting adding of VHDs, is that you'd be able to add other than Windows VHDs to the BCD.

Not possible manually (Solaris)


Please add this feature, I'd be happy to alpha/beta test.

Thanks in advance,

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If its not possible through bcdedit that its probably not possible...

You don't need to "sell" it. Its a planned feature for the next version.

Great to hear, though I can't wait!!!

Please but me on the Alpha testers list :brows:

Thanks in advance,

Thanks for your interest. Everyone will know when the time is right.

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