Administrator help

My old PC crashed, I was running XP Pro.
Now I am running Vista.
I recently used the log off option (big mistake), now when I want to un-install a program I get this window telling me I don't have permission as I am not the Admin, I went into settings and set it up for all users, this still didn't work.
I used to use Spybot, I went and un-installed this program, went into programs and there sits the left over folder, went to delete it and got the message that I don't have permission to do so.
I am the only user of this PC, when I use log off I am not seeing any window that says, log in as administrator.
Whats happening here?
How do I log in and fix things on my own PC?
I never had any of these problems when running XP
Vista does nto have the Administrator account on by default. The User Account created is a Power User account with Admin rights.

To enalbe the Admin account is easy. But you lose your current desktop settings. So you will have to set it up again. If you wish to continue i will tell you how to unlock the Admin account to get full control over your PC like you had with XP.
If thats what it takes to regain control over my PC, I would sure appreciate the help.
I recently took a Microsoft update, after the update finished my pixel rate went to large everything, web pages would fit on my screen, I made the changes to get things back to where they were before the update.
So I am familiar with re-arranging my desk top and pixel settings.
Please help me if you can.


I better add, this is a new computer, not a upgrade from XP to Vista.
If I had my way, I wouldn't be running Vista...seems the newer computers are all running windows Vista
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Go to the Start Menu. In the start menu type CMD. Ther eyou will see the Cmd applicaiton up top. Right click on it and run as admin.

Type in this Command:
Net user administrator /active:yes

Log off as this user and the Admin account shoudl appear. Your all set.