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i was wondering if it is possible to change the boot back to me choosing what disc i want to boot from not the grub 2 bootloader? i have kubuntu on a ssd and windows on a standerd drive i had windows 7 installed already when i installed kubuntu on to the ssd and linux installed the grub 2 boot manager so when i start the pc the grub menu shows me the options then boots into windows 7 (my choice). i would prefer to be independent in the boot so when i turn the pc on it goes into windows boot and i choose which drive to boot from(kubuntu or windows 7)

my drives are showing the kingston ssd drive which has linux kubuntu on and saying it has MBR
my main drive with windows 7 also showing it has MBR
this is where i am confused
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Change the boot sequence in the BIOS to pick your HDD before the SSD.