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Hello, I would just like to warn you all that I'm a n00b so sorry if I'm asking dumb questions.

Well, I'm building a new computer pretty soon, and would like to be able to quad-boot between Vista Ultimate 64bit, XP Pro (32bit), OsX Leopard, and Ubuntu.

I also plan on setting it up like this:
HD#1: Seagate 320gb-
Partition 1) 100gb Vista, NTFS
Partition 2) 90 gb XP, NTFS
Partition 3) 75 gb OsX, (Extended Journal?)
Partition 4) xxgb (like 30gb or so?) Ubuntu (unsure of the file system)

Hd#2, 500gb Seagate, Fat32 (making sure NOT to use the windows disk formatting programs)

Now as I understand it, since I'd like to use EasyBCD to help accomplish this, Vista should be the 1st OS I install. After that, is there any preference for the order?

I've read through the easyBCD documentation and all for the individual installs, so I'm feeling pretty excited about the whole thing.

Besides the question of the order of installation, any other tips/comments/questions are welcome.

thanks in advance!
Hi sport, welcome to the forum.
The MS preferred order of installation, is oldest first - newest last. (windows only of course).
That way Vista sees XP and automatically dual-boots. The other way round requires Vista's boot loader to be repaired because XP overwrites it and doesn't recognize Vista.
There is an issue with Leopard, (see the sticky thread about it) and you should give some consideration to how you want the systems to look (Letter assignments to partitions C:\ D:\ etc ), when they are booted, because you can influence that by some careful forethought and planning, but once you've got a load of system partitions, it's pretty near impossible to rename any of them once they're installed. (The order of installation will also affect this)
Start by reading the wiki thoroughly !
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