Advice please on wirelsss card


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I access the internet using high-speed cable but occasionally my ISP's servers go kerplunk and I'm left high and dry. Meanwhile my roommate's laptop keeps on trucking because he has a wireless card and seems to always be able to find an open wireless connection in the neighbourhood.
So I thought I would install a wireless card in my tower as a backup.
Any thoughts? What broadcasting standard should I be looking for? 802.11b/g or n ? (I think that's the terminology, correct me if I'm wrong).
Or do you think it would be a waste of money and time?
Definitely NOT a waste of either.
It's pretty cheap to get a network card, and damn useful at times.

I say go with 802.11n, you can even wait until a local store has it on sale some Sunday - they end up being cheaper than even the best of online stores.