After install EasyBCD on Win7 only Win XP starts


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Hi all,

i have a Problem with my System normaly i work under Win7 64bit, but after many Problems with some Software i Installt my Win XP 32bit. After installation, i can start my Win7 but no XP, so so installat EasyBCD. but now on Start up there ist no Bootmanager it goes strigth to Win XP. So i installt EasyBCD under Win XP to, but on start it say it can't correctly Register and don't star. Can yuo help so that i can run XP and 7?

My thanks for help at all
XP needs NET 2.0 framework (Windows Update - Custom) before you can run EasyBCD.
Use EasyBCD 2.0 latest build (not 1.7)
"Manage Bootloader" "Reinstall the Vista/W7 boot manager"
"add/remove entries" windows tab / XP dropdown / add entry
accept the offer to auto-configure XP
don't change the XP drive letter.