After reinstalling Windows 7 unable to boot into Windows XP

I have triple os system with XP installed first Windows 7 second and Linux mint last and was working ok for the past two years.Of late Windows 7 display started freezing and resolution getting changed at random.Clean boot disabling services did not help and decided to reinstall Windows 7 so that if the problem persist I can decide hardware as defective.
Accordingly reinstalled Windows 7.At the beginning it was not installing "set up starting" appearing again again and finally got it installed but unable to boot into XP.Also I have recovered linux boot loader Easy Bcd was installed in XP year ago
While booting into mint "Disk drive for /media/windows_7 is not ready yet or not present continue to wait or press S to skip or M for manual recovery" appearing.
Sought advice from a forum and they suggested to install easy bcd on W 7 ,delete menu entries and then add it back,did the same and rebooted no change. Then it was suggested to mark Win 7 as active partition reboot into system repair disc run startup repair untill window started.Carried out rebooted and able to get both systems except instead WIN XP had two options viz 1Windows XP 2.Windows (default).Was able to boot into XP only choosing option 2.I requested the forum for help in deleting one option it was suggested to post WIN xp masconfig.So when i tried to get into Win XP unable to do so and back to square one Thank you for patiently reading this, request you to suggest solution for the same.


Subsequently I came across Recovering the Windows Bootloader with easy BCD from Neosmart wiki using third option type 3 and managed to boot into XP.However now there is no grub Iwill have to do it later.
I have attached bcd text. plese chect if it is OK Thanks