After set-up do I need to keep drive letters assigned to Win7 boot loader partitions?

HP Pavilion dv7t-6100 Quad laptop. Win 7 Ultimate on both hard drives: regular and sparse.

Set-up went perfectly. I assigned drive letters X: and Y: to boot loader (active) partition on respective disks 0 and 1 (199 MB, separate from OS partitions)

Do I still need to keep these drive letters assigned or can I let them go blank (unassigned) now that everything is working correctly?

I assume I would need to re-assign to make future changes with EasyBCD.

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No, you don't need letters on the "System Reserved" 100Mb partitions even to access them with EasyBCD except if you wish to make changes to the non-"live" BCD which you will need to navigate to via an Explorer dialog box. Explorer needs a letter to "see" a partition. EasyBCD finds the live BCD on the active partition of the highest priority boot drive regardless of letters. (There are no letters in the BCD. The ones you see displayed in EasyBCD "view settings" are translations of the unintelligible UID information into letters by EasyBCD from the Explorer registry map. If there is no letter for the boot partition, you'll see partition=\Device\HarddiskVolume1 in detailed mode)