after using easyBCD i lost all my HDD... help needed


i had 4 HDD + 1 external HDD
1. 300 GB
2. 300 GB
3. 1.5 TB
4. 2TB
and external 2 TB.
windows are on 1st HDD
so idea was to remove 2nd HDD and replace it with external, but.....
i realized that windows 7 installed all system files on 1st just boot on 2nd so to make it possible i run easybcd and made 1st hdd bootable, so i thought i solve all my problems, but then :x....
i realized that windows can not work with all my others HDD 3,4,and 5(external)
all are visible in windows just when i try to open any of them i get error that hdd is not formatted and then i get ""F:/ is not accessible. this volume does not contain a recognized file system. Please be sure that all system drivers are loaded and that volume is not corrupted""
in disk management now from 2 2TB HDD i see that one is separeted in 2x1TB and another is just 1TB.
in BIOS one is recognized as 2TB HDD another as 1TB HDD.
i am trying to restore data using easus data recovery and after running scan all night i can see all data that was there 2+2 TB. so now i am thinking to buy new HDD 2TB and copy files from "bad" HDD to new good one.
So my question is.... WHY this happened?
how to make disko work again?
how to resolve problem with bios, and to get all HDDs with their real size back.
btw i unplugged 1.5TB out of comp, but before it also in disk management was shown as 1TB HDD.
Please someone help me solve this nightmare! :ldown:
What did you do with EasyBCD ?
If your boot files were on a different HDD and you wanted to remove it, the correct action would be
BCD Backup/Repair > Change boot drive
Then alter the BIOS boot sequence to boot from the new drive instead of the old.
This is completely non-destructive, leaving the old boot files untouched, and you could always just change the BIOS back to the previous sequence if you needed to.
Nothing would affect W7's (or your BIOS) ability to detect your HDDs correctly.
A running Windows system does not use any files involved in the boot process, so if you boot the OS successfully, once running it's exactly as it was before.
sorry this goes a bit off topic but it would be great if someone can help:
i menage to restore data with "easus data recovery" and now roughly i can see what actually happened; or EasyBCD or my attempts to repair situation with windows repair (boot dvd) f%$&/ up situation with HDDs.
Not just that, in panic to return everything as it was, it seams i made one disk dynamic so it "took" exactly 1TB from 3 HDD.
so situation right now is
1 HDD all fine with 300 GB (system disk)
2 HDD 2 TB (this was the disk i made dynamic) 2TB is shown in BIOS and now i have problem with this this cuz after i striped volume from it it is "offline" BIOS see it, and easus data recovery, but in disk management i can not do anything with it (it is just shown on disk management but i can not doo anything with it. when i try to make it "basic disk" it gives me error that disk has to be online. in disk management it is shown as online.

other disks
3 and 4 r relatively ok. when i restore data i get all 1,5 and 2TB of data (their real size), but in disk managementand in windows and in any other program even BIOSi have them in size of 0.5 and 1TB. and this cutted size all works "fine" can do format, can put files there....

So question is:
1 how to restore everything as it was before.
2st HDD, to make it alive.
3rd and 4rd HDD to restore "real size?