after using easybcd my pc aren't starting


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Hi, I'm new here, so i don't really know if i placed it, into right sub-forum. So I have a problem, after using easybcd, everything look's fine, they asked me to do memory diagnostic, i made it too, but after that i got a bug, or i don't know how to call this problem, while loading pc, window is going like this and still getting black-er and black-er, sorry for my bad english, not my native language so, could any1 help me?

Mak 2.0

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Well first would be to put the photo on tinypic or imageshack or someplace where we could actually see it.

I wouldn't call it a problem with EasyBCD since you made the system to a memory diagnostic and after that it started to act up. The Diagnostic is not part of EasyBCD but of the Windows BCD itself. You enforcing it to happen could have only caused your issue and not had anything at all to do with EasyBCD.