Again problem :(



im having Dell 1525 vista home basic. i bought it few months back, i used to get BSOD and here the computer experts told me it is due to Mcafee anitivrus. i uninstalled it completely and then i didnt get the BSOD again but from last month again im facing the same problem. i dont know what is causing it.

Im attaching minidump files. Kindly help me out in this problem.

Should i downgrade to XP? if this BSOD is due to vista?


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Hi A2ZPearl,

Sorry to hear you're having problems once again. The dumps you uploaded don't have enough information - the only thing they tell me is that it's a driver problem, but not any more than that.

It's not the same BSOD you had previously.
The only solution would be to update all your drivers. There is no driver specifically listed to give a more definative answer.
Also see if you can remember if you installed any drivers or new hardware (even external stuff like MP3 players and flash drives) around when the problems first started happening.