Allow Unsigned Driver option


1. I have Vista Ultimate x64 SP1

2. I have the option on boot (F8) to Disable Driver Signatures and it works

3. the 'Allow Unsigned Driver option' in Easybcd 2.0 beta has no effect. I cannot load the driver as I can in 2

What is the problem?

Microsoft implemented a series of hotfixes that limit the effect the flag set by EasyBCD has on the system. Certain types of unsigned drivers may be loaded with that EasyBCD option, others require you to manually press F8 at boot.

This is MS policy and there's nothing we can do about it.
Is it not possible to reproduce the effect of choosing the F8 boot option by reprogramming easyBCD? I asssume that this F8 command is sending a different command to vista after the hotfix.
I assumed that as you seemed to have discovered the previous one you might have been able to discover the present one? One must assume that MS have taken steps to hide these commands - maybe even encrypted them!
Yeah, they are undocumented and unavailable.. most unfortunately.

Microsoft has also taken action against people that try to work around this issue, so we will not be putting much effort into this.