"Allow unsigned drivers on Vista-64-Bit" doesn't seem to work


hi there!

as the subject states, the advanced option "Allow unsigned driver installation on Vista 64-Bit Edition" doesn't seem to work.

tested with "EasyBCT 1.7" and Vista x64 (with all current updates installed).

tested application is "ATI Tray Tool", which needs an unsigned low level driver running.

any chance, this will work again in a future version?

Hi Mandark,

I'm afraid this hasn't worked in a while for most x64 systems. A while back Microsoft pushed an update (hidden in a stability and performance update that was really important) that broke this feature.

There is no hope of getting it to work.
Yes sadly this is a big issue for many X64 systems. I haev seen some work arounds for it.

Chris123NT Driver Signing in x64

It comes from Chris 123nt which is a very good source. He has been involoved with this OS since it was Longhorn and has provided much information that is great. You just need Admin privledges to do it.
bcdedit /set loadoptions DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS

No, that doesn't work....

That's actually what EasyBCD does (along with a couple of other things), none of which work any more.

I believe it works for some non-kernel-mode drivers, but most drivers require kernel authorization and will fail to work with this hack.
Really. I will haev to contact Chris123nt and see if he knows a new way to get around this then.
hmm, i've digged a little further and found the following two solutions for this:

solution 1:
run "bcdedit -set loadoptions DENABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS" in a command-line as an Administrator (or use easyBCD). this only works, if the following vista-updates are not installed:

solution 2:
use a tool called "ReadyDriver", which can be downloaded here.
this tool creates a bootable floppy- or USB-disk. by booting from that disk, the bootmenu is being opened, and "start without driver certification enforcement" is getting selected automatically. normally you can do this manually by pressing "F8" during boot. but booting with the "ReadyDriver"-bootdisk does this automatically every time.
this solution also works with all current vista-updates installed, and is working quite well with me. i just keep the floppy in the drive all the time (since i don't really need the floppy-drive).
Hey that second is a really nice solution!

Thanks for the link, it'll definitely come in handy.. Perhaps I'll blog about it too, because Vista x64 sucks because of this.
Omg I officially hate microsoft i tried all of the above F8 did not work for me ..

bcdedit -set loadoptions DENABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS also did not work for me

Bcdedit.exe /set TESTSIGNING On also did not work.. all im trying to do is load audio drivers and this is the bs i have to put up with from them ill never buy anything from them again.. microsoft fails..

not to mention the ultimate in crappy support you buy anything from them and have any problems they pretty much refuse to help to hell with microsoft i could only hope they go down >:tongueout:

this is a load of bolognia im a DL ubuntu congrats microsoft ill never buy anything again
MS has implemented a lot of hacks to prevent us from bypassing driver signature verification. As things currently stand, only some unsigned drivers will install with the EasyBCD workaround.