alright im back again

this pertains to installing a clean copy of 98 off of the same computer. every time we get to the installing part it gives us a fatal error screen that has error code

fatal error 0028:ff02847b

any suggestions this time cause we both cant do anything
and we discovered that it seems to be the part of installation that begins loading the drivers when we get the error message, we are running an Acer Aspire 3680, any more information i can give you upon request.... to the best of what i can get.
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Well my first suggestion would be to use XP. Windows 98 is outdated and not supported anymore.

Next i would say what is the error code? Did you format the drive to FAT32 as Windows 98 does not support NTFS. Have you even checked to see if you will have drivers? If this is the same machine that you removed Vista from you will not have drivers for Windows 98 and therefor you will not be able to use your Video card, sound card and USB devices. As almost all newer devices do not write drivers for Windows 98 only XP and up.
fatal error 0028:ff02847b is the error code it gives me

i am aware that it has to be fat32 system in which it is changed to now.
it does not have drivers and i do not have drivers for them but i have XP drivers.
the only way I know of installing windows XP is to install windows 98 first and then upgrade to windows XP, if there is another way that you could tell me this would be appreciated
i was thinking before i read your reply that it might be something with the lack of drivers since it only gives me the error code when it tries to load them. if we could find a way around installing the drivers and finish the install this would also allow me to install windows XP too.
Insert the Windows XP upgrade disc. It will load. At some point it will ask you for the Windows 98 CD. Jsut put that disc in then. You can use a Windows XP disc for a full isntall. Just put in the older disc when asked. This will be the only way you will be able to install.

There is no way to get around the drivers. There is no way to force the install. There is nothing that can be done. The machine is too new and probably exceeds the maxium requirements for Windows 98.
nope my first time here.

that is a similar problem but unfortionately the dual boot never worked for us any way we tried it, which is why we formatted the computer and tried to start from scratch

we've tried inserting the XP disk but it doesnt even read it. for some reason we are still in the middle of installing 98 and it wont let us get past that, so even though we put the xp disk in it still takes us to the 98 screen
Are you saying this is a genuine XP CD but it won't boot ?
Have you got your BIOS configured to allow boot from CD ?
yes it is a genuine XP disk that wont read from the point we are at

it is configured already, like i said, it just skips it all over and continues to try installing 98
You'll need to forget all about 98.
Start again. Format the disk - you can go back to NTFS.
Boot the XP CD - do a full XP install. When it asks you for it, just give it a sniff of the 98 CD to prove you have it, and it should carry on and give you a nice clean fresh new XP system all ready for Windows Update to bring right up to date.
alright, now to remember how to change to NTFS

and my roomate decided to format and try to install xp before you posted this actually, its kinda funny:lol:
When you do the format, it'll just ask you what file system you want.
Happy Installing.
ok my roomate is having trouble cause he is doing a FDISK not a format from the operating system since he didnt have one, he is asking for step by step instructions

Hang on a tick, I'll dig out some historic documents and look it up. It's been a long time since I used FDISK
Yes, it really does have cobwebs.
It looks fairly self explanatory, once you execute it.
How are you doing ?
i haven't seen a command to change to NTFS or FAT32 but we partitioned it, when we try to run the XP disk it just takes us to a black screen with a white flashing underscore at the top left of the screen
FDISK is too old for NTFS I think, but don't worry you can always convert XP after installation as FAT32.
Did you boot with XP disk in the CD drive ?
Have you still got a DOS floppy loaded in front of the CD in the BIOS boot sequence ?
dont even have a floppy drive, this is a laptop.
this is what the order is

ide cdrom: slimtype dvd c
usb cdrom
usb hdd
usb key
network boot
usb floppy