My laptop crashed around a week ago, it said it couldn't connect to the System registry file. I downloaded the Windows Vista Repair disc, which restored my computer to a previous date. I was able to start windows and login to my system, but it seems I've lost some features. For some reason Windows Firewall is unable to start, and I'm not able to connect to the internett. Anyone know what's going on?
Hi Rodin, welcome to NST

You can try sfc to try to fix some of it at the command prompt with:

sfc /scannow

You should probably also run chkdsk for any corruption problems on the disk:

chkdsk c: /r

If you have more than one restore point available, try another even earlier than the one you tried to see if it fixes it.

BTW, this forum is for problems with NeoSmart software. It will be relocated shortly.
Thanks for the welcome, and sorry for posting this in the wrong section.

Also, can you explain what an sfc is and how do I access the command prompt? I suck at this tech stuff. =/
sfc is short for system file checker. It basically scans the system files, and if it finds any of them are corrupted, tries to fix them.

You can access command prompt by typing it in search in your start menu. Instead of left-clicking it, you'll need to right click and select "Run as Administrator".