AmigaOS on your PC

AmigaOS was my very first OS as a kid. Can't remember much about it, except that was fun and easy :smile:
OS X Lion on my laptop is my preferred environment, but most of my time is spent on Windows 7 64-bit on my work PC, which isn't too bad.
I ditched Ubuntu after they made the switch to the new Unity interface, which in my opinion is ghastly.
I am stuck with Windows. I would love to try OS X, but sadly cant afford a Mac. So will be sitting with Win7 for the future. If I am lucky I will get to test Win8 but with not getting the MVP again I know I wont be buying it. Will be stuck with my Win7 till I decide to buy a pre-built with a newer version of Windows on it.

I also have ditched Ubuntu after Unity. I hated that interface. I have tried PC-BSD but that never worked right. I dont know enough about *NIX at all to go with anything that requires knowledge of Terminal and all of that inner workings. So will be staying with Windows till I die looks like. :lol: