An Observation Regarding Inkjet Printers


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My trusty and well-used Canon Pixma MP150 sort of died on me recently. It would either print OK or smear the entire page with ink, depending on its mood and regardless of whether or not I used new genuine Canon cartridges & quality paper.

So today I'll be connecting a brand new Canon MX300 - a cunning choice as it uses exactly the same cartridges of which I have 2 spare sets.

I decided to dust the shelf it was on (right below my keyboard shelf & below my knee level) and to my horror the duster turned pitch black.

So I got some paper towels and Windex w/ammonia and washed the shelf. I've done it 3 times now and there is still black residue to be found.

Are you aware that printers must throw up an invisible mist into the air.....???? This gives me real pause for thought health-wise.

Fortunately the dirt seems to be concentrated on only that shelf and nowhere else, but nevertheless it has made me think that even an innocent thing like an inkjet printer is a health hazard....LOL.
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I saw an article, though I can't remember where now.
Ink Jet printers have a "waste tank" built in. Some part of the design, to do with head-cleaning I think, dumps ink to the waste bin, which when a printer gets very old, can overflow with the consequences you've discovered.
It's not so much a health hazard as a plumbing problem.
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I read something about that too. Well I guess its time had come. It's gone to the recyclers now. The mess seemed quite localised...I mean I don't have black feet or anything...LOL.

Thanks for that article...interesting!