An odd issue...


I have two drives, one 750Gb SATA and one 250Gb SATA. The 250 is the physical primary, and the 750 the physical secondary.

The 250 is Vista and the 750 Ubuntu Intrepid.

I followed the instructions in the wiki, and, when the drives are swapped in BIOS, I can quite easily boot Ubuntu, so I know GRUB is installed correctly.

When I add a BCD entry using EasyBCD 1.72, using Disk 1, Partition 0 (Linux native) (leaving the GRUB isn't installed option unchecked) and then reboot, the Linux entry flashes something quickly and I return immediately to the Vista bootloader.

It would be very nice if I could use the Vista bootloader to select an OS, as I would like to keep the Vista partition handy for some particular apps (and, yes, some gaming) and use the Ubuntu partition for net stuff and file storage.

Hopefully someone out there has a suggestion?

Cheers in advance.

(Edit - I hope someday to master the arcane art of punctuation.)
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Does your linux partition have /boot/grub/menu.lst? Unless you have setup NeoGrub manually, it relies on this file in order to get the entries it is supposed to display to you. The absence of it well give you a grub4dos prompt rather than the nice little grub menu you were expecting.
On that partition right now... Yes, it is there. I have attached a copy for reference if it will help.


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Uninstall NeoGrub on the NeoGrub tab, remove the entry, and than re-add it. When creating the entry, select the correct/disk partition from the drop-down for Linux before checking that grub isn't installed to the mbr.

If this doesn't work, either re-install grub or Ubuntu and try again or post your bcd entries from EasyBCD plus a screenshot of disk management.
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