Announcing Vista SP1 RTM - Well, sort of....!!

I haven't checked, but I'm told that SP1 RTM and Server 2008 RTM are up for download on Connect.
However, no one has access to product keys for Server 2008 (paid or otherwise) yet.
I thought Mak just said he had access? Or is it MSDN subscribers have the keys and no downloads while connect members have the download and no keys? :lol:

that's quite a perverse situation!! sounds more like a quest from the medieval times more than anything else..... then again, connect members can install it for 30 days, then extend that trial to 120 days with the slmgr program: Extend your Vista The NeoSmart Files
No i have already downloaded Server 2008 and i have my serial as well. I am formatting my Vista drive and i am gonna install Server 2008 on there. Just cause the Vista was the one with SP1 already slipstreamed and now that it is final it wont serve a purpose since i cant uninstall it to install the new one. :tongueout:

So glad my serial has 1500 activations....
Well after downloading it and checking on my ISO i find out it is 64 Bit that they have Available on MSDN. That is of no use to me...