Another Dual boot problem with 7


OK, so what went from a simple task has caused me hell. I will try to explain it as much as I can.

My Setup Originally
One hardrive partitioned in 2, on one bit vista home premium and the other with windows 7 home professional.

I never use vista so I though I will get rid of it.

First tried formatting vista partition using various software , got the Trusted installer error and after an hour of faffing looked for another alternative.

Then went over to faithful Microsoft to have a look and see if they could help me out.

Remove vista from a multiboot system

Followed the above and that's when the problem started.
After the restart I got a NTLDR error. Used Vista Disk to repair startup and I was back to normal.

I then tried to do a fresh install of vista using the disk, formatting the partition that it was on and then leaving the install before it actually installed vista. This did manage to format the partition, GREAT, reboot, and BOOTMGR is missing, tried to do repair using both vista repair CD and 7 repair CD available from you guys but still nothing so I think had to reinstall a fresh windows vista on the partition it was originally on and here I am, on windows 7 and vista is still there laughing smugly at me.

I have looked around and there are lots of similar problems but no real solution (I don't think) other than start fresh which I do not want to do as I have a lot of software and just don't want to.

Sorry If i have missed anything out.

Any help very much appreciated.

No point in following those instruction. They're for reverting from Vista to an earlier OS (hence the NTLDR error), not updating to a newer one.
Use EasyBCD 2.0 latest build / Diagnostics / Change boot drive
Point it to W7
Boot W7
Format the Vista Partition and use it for whatever you want.
hi mazchaz

ive got slighly a similar problem..
since urs is ok tell me..did u use EasyBCD on vista to change the drive letter or
You boot in to Window 7 and change the drive letter??

Thank you..