Another dual boot query


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HI all

i have a vista laptop alienware m9700 and i have a 100 gb hd installed with vista ultimate edition

also i have a 250 gb hd installed with windows xp sp2

i installed xp without the vista drive in the computer as i didnt want the vista drive corrupting in any way

i have now both drive in my laptop and i have installed easybcd (great :tonguewink:roduct)
i have added a new entry for my xp drive and i have rebooted

now when i reboot and select the xp to boot it says that my boot.ini is missing
i have all the nessecary other files ie ntldr and in the root directory of my xp drive

so i took my vista out and booted with my xp drive and checked my boot.ini and all seems to be ok and working

any ideas or help please

Many thanks in advance

Steve Lovell