Another dual-booting problem (unusual)

Greetings all. I have just registered to this forum because I have a problem that i couldn't solve reading all other posts (or I didn't see it, sorry then).
First of all, about 6 months ago, I had an old desktop machine where I installed Ubuntu 12.04 with windows 7, installed the EasyBCD, added a new boot entry, and it worked perfectly.
- Now i have Asus X55A laptop (having it for 5 months now), where I first installed Windows 8 which works fine, then made a new ext4 partition where I installed Ubuntu 12.10. After that, i didn't have a choice of selecting the OS, so it booted directly to win8, Then installed the EasyBCD, tried few options (none worked), and then went to NeoGrub tab and installed it. After that, I didn't have any choice booting win8 again, but it was booting Ubuntu 12.10 fine.
- As 12.10 version unfortunately had a lot of bugs for me, I did a full installation of Windows 8 again, because I couldn't make it boot the old one with Ubuntu's apps. So now i have win8 working good as usual, and installed Ubuntu again, but 12.04 version.
- First i had Windows look boot options, but even if i choose Ubuntu, it loaded Windows. After that, I again installed EasyBCD, tried with Grub (Legacy) and GRUB2, and then i have choice to select it in BIOS like environment, but if i choose Grub (Legacy), it just gets me back to choose again (nothing happens), and if i choose GRUB2, it tries to load something, then stops, gives me some possible commands to use (don't know what for), and then i have to turn off the computer so I can choose Windows 8 and use the computer normally.
So, is there any option to make it boot both Windows 8 and Ubuntu 12.04?
P.S. Also tried to enter BIOS, but there is no SecureBoot option which creates problems as i read on forum, but i have option to enable or disable UEFI booting, none of them works.
- Sorry for long post, but I'm really frustrated right now. In most cases, i succeed setting up everything in 3 hours, but this is taking two whole days now.
Thanks in advance! Alex


Mostly Harmless
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GRUB2 is the correct option. If it stops loading in the middle, that means your Ubuntu bootloader was not installed right.