Another Failed Vista Install that needs a little help


I'm new to this forum that I found as I was looking for answers following a failed Vista install.
Here's the issue: I attempted to upgrade to Vista over XP MCE 2005 and the process hit the wall. My HTPC is a running on x2 80GB HD in RAID 1. I suspect that the install process stopped because it needed the driver for the SATA Intel Controller which I did have but was unable to load. At least, that's what I think... Anyhow, I'm left with XP that has tones of junk from the failed Vista install and a Windows Boot Manager that is asking me to choose from "Previous Windows Version" or "Setup-something" at boot.
What I'd like is to get rid of the Windows Book Manager and clean-up my C: partition of all the Vista files without having to reformat the drive. Is that doable?
I read a previous post on this issue at but it is a bit old and I'm not sure I can take advantage of the solution described. Any help is greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

EDIT: 04/16/07 11:00 PM Eastern Time:
Thanks to EasyBCD, I discovered that my PC is now using Vista Bootloader instead of the XP Boot. I changed the boot settings and "Earlier Version of Windows" is now my Default OS. Bingo! The only thing I am still looking for some help is how do I revert back to the XP Boot and what can I do to cleanup the files and folders Vista installed on the C: partition on my XP system? Thanks.
Hello Postal,

I could have sworn I replied here, but I guess not.. Sorry about that.

OK, what you need to do is in EasyBCD go to the "Bootloader Management" screen and press "Uninstall the Vista Bootloader" then "Write MBR"

That should revert the XP bootloader.

Now reboot and in drive C:\ delete the "Boot" folder.

Cheers :smile: