Another Failure

So I just can't do it, I can't get my longed-for 7/XP/triboot working. Previous attempts:

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This time I partitioned everything in Windows and then installed. It still takes me to the GRUB console. I tried partitioning in Linux, partitioning in Windows, partitioning various combinations of the two, and even tried partitioning my ass into 4 buttcheeks, but nothing's working. Based on my previous attempts, what is the step-by-step process I could do to fix this? This is what it looks like:




Or do I just need to wait for the next build?
Can you replace the NeoGrub file in the EasyBCD program files with this one?


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Weird, I looked and there is no such file in the EasyBCD directory. There is a NeoSmart.bcd in the profiles folder though. I tried reinstalling and there is still no such file. I tried putting the file you gave me into the profile folder, but that didn't work either. Also, in the help->about info screen, it says version, even though it's build 82 and has the automatic configuration thing for Grub 2. I don't know if that's something you guys forgot to update.

Confused, I am.

Rename the contents of the zip file to "grldr" and replace the GRLDR in the profiles folder.

The about screen is a typo.
My Thoughts

OK, so I am not an expert; however, I have 2 comps using EasyBCD. My desktop machine is a Quad Boot with Vista 32, Seven 64, Simply Mepis 8.0xx 64, and Simply Mepis 8.5 Beta 5. I am using 3 SATA drives on that machine. It has been a long time since I had XP on one of my machines at home.

Here is what I would do.

1. Blitz the Linux partitions.
2. Uninstall EASY.
3. Repair the 7 loader so that it will boot. Boot a couple of times just to be sure.
4. Install EASY == again.
5. Setup 7 through EASY so that it boots == leave XP out of the picture for now.
6. Reboot at least a couple of times to ensure that EASY is happy with 7.
7. Setup the dual boot with XP.
8. Boot into XP a couple of times and 7 a couple of more times. If EASY is happy press on to Linux.
9. I have only tried Ubuntu once or twice and decided against it==just a personal preference.
10. since I am not very familiar with Ubuntu, I'll make some assumptions.
A. It has some sort of live CD/DVD.
B The install disk has GParted on it.
11. Boot the Ubuntu CD/DVD.
12. When up & running, find GParted and create one (YES 1) partition of say 20-40 GIG. (Yes, I know everybody says you need 3 (BullS&&t) 2 of my three Linux installs are on only one partition, and they seem to run fine. Besides, the niceties of Linux are not the issue at this point. The single partition will assist in your numerous partition problems, also.
13. Install Linux in the newly created partition. Do not forget to install GRUB to Root!!!!!
14. Reboot into 7
15 Fire up EASY and add the Linux install.
16. Select the GRUB of choice, select the correct partition, CHECK THE "GRUB ISN'T INSTALLED" box.
17. Click "SAVE" in EASY.
18. Close EASY.
19 Start EASY& & check for 3 entries.
20. Close EASY & reboot.
21. While rebooting, think only "pure & lovely" thoughts, burn a stick of incense (if you have any), and pet your cats head (optional).
22. Select the Linux install == hold your breath == and see what happens.
23. Should work.

The one part of this that I am nervous about is the GRUB/GRUB2 thing==I have never used GRUB2.

I read both of your posts, and quite frankly, I became totally lost with some of the terminology and files you mentioned. I have never done any of that stuff. YES, I have had many, many heartaches with EASY. Mostly, it was my own doing.

If the above procedures are successful, you can later go back and redo the Linux install and try more partitions. For this exercise, & for the near term, I'd leave it on one.

If, on the other hand, my ramblings appear to be worthless, then I apologize to you. Those procedures are how I just got my 4th OS to run on my desktop machine.

May the force be with you and the best of luck.

Jerry in Anchorage
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Yep, same result.

@Muskt: I don't see why rebooting multiple times would help. If ebcd is going to be happy with it, then it will be the first time. I did most of what you said already, except for having ebcd write to the MBR before XP is installed. But apart from that, I installed Windows 7 (Win 7 & 100MB system reserve partition) -> made a partition for XP -> installed XP -> ran ebcd to be able to dual boot 7/XP -> created patitions in gparted, disk management, and combinations of the two for linux, it's swap file, and a storage partition, all of which are logical drives on an extended partition.

Me either

I really don't know why I do that either, just do.

I did read somewhere a while ago in something about Linux that executing one certain command multiple times is frequently required. Probably has no bearing on this situation.

I have used Easy for at least a couple of years. I have pretty much never had any problems with any of the versions of Windows. Like I said earlier, I haven't used XP at home for quite a while.

I wish there was some magic bullet I could fire your way; however, I do not have one.

Unless you are really sold on Ubuntu, I would recommend you give Simply Mepis a try. I really am enjoying learning it. The current released version is 8.0.15.

Here is a link to their very active forum. (They do not speak EasyBCD there.)

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I wish you well in your quest.

Jerry in Anchorage

I've been looking into your issue every chance I get, HOAP... I'm trying to find out why GRUB isn't get past the "find menu" stages, still haven't found anything useful though.