Another Tri Boot question


I installed W7 RTM, Vista U and WXP Pro on separate hard drives but as each OS was installed, I disconnected the other hard drives and use my BIOS F8 key to choose boot drive. With the help of EasyBCD, I have had success with W7 and Vista working upon boot up but not with XP.
There is no hard drive partition that W7 setup. I formatted the hard drive before a fresh install and did so there are no other partitions on that drive.
Using beta 2.0, I added XP and it asked me something about pointing to the boot.ini and I said yes but all I get when I choose XP at boot is a black screen. Since the drives were pulled as each OS was installed, I didn't think this would work anyway.
Exactly how can I add XP to the equation?

Thanks in advance.


I was able to get this to work by choosing the Tools/Auto Configure. I would think that would be the same as adding it manually and allowing it to do this there but it doesn't matter.
2.0 is the key. Nothing I tried in the older versions worked.
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You can do this with 1.7, but it needs a lot of manual copying and editing, and you have to know where to put everything, and where to point it. It was the way we always had to work, and 90% of the historic content of these boards will be describing exactly that.
2.0 has automated it all.