another triple boot


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If this is posted twice it's because I screwed up the 1st one.
Thanks for any help.
HD 1 Vista in partition 1
HD 1 XP PRO in partition 2
HD2 Ubuntu - the whole drive
Easybcd 1.7.2
Windows vista
XP Pro
Neosmart Linux

I can boot into Vista and XP PRO
I can only boot into Ubuntu if I change the BIOS.

An Ubuntu boot gives the following error:
"a disk read error occurred, press control+alt+del
to start"

There is no "menu.lst" in NST
If I do Neogrub then one appears

This is a good site with lots of knowledgeable
people. I've been other places and they don't have
the foggiest about this subject.
If more info is needed I will be happy so supply it.
DId you make the ubuntu root the "/ mount point" when installing to the second drive? When having ubuntu on here the simple task of seeing that set during the installation followed by proceeding to the add/remove entries option when booted back in Vista was a two step process there to see ubuntu load.
1)install NeoGrub to the Vista root
2)when going to add the Linux entry in make sure the "do not install Grub to bootsector" box was checked off.

With or without the VIsta/XP drive being plugged in seeing the few steps there saw a working triple boot since XP is on a separate drive here with unbuntu having been on a 3rd.
Phenix, if Ubuntu boots when you change the drive order, that means that you did not follow the instructions at Ubuntu - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki and therefore Ubuntu installed GRUB to the MBR and not the bootsector.

Reinstall following the instructions in that link line-for-line, make sure to hit the "Advanced" button and tell Ubuntu to install GRUB to /dev/sdXY instead of the MBR.
I've tried everything I can think of to start a new install of Ubuntu.
Formatted the drive as Linux ext3.
When I put in the Ubuntu CD I get Grub error 22.
Even inserting the Vista CD can't get past Grub error 22.
I have played with changing the BIOS and pulling and reinserting
cables to no avail.
phenix left both drives plugged in when going to install ubuntu seeing the Windows mbr trashed. I ran into that here where I had to use the command prompt method in the Vista repair tools to restore the Windows mbr at the time.

phenix you will need to reinstall ubuntu but with the ext2 seen for the root in order to add the entry in. For some reason the 1.7.2 version of EasyBCD favors the root using the ext2 type.

First boot to the repair tools on the Vista dvd. Once at the command prompt type "bootrec /scanos" and press enter. The scan will reveal one Vista installation on the first where you press Y for yes to see that added in.

When seeing the "sucessfully added" message displayed type the two commands "bootrec /fixboot" and "bootrec /fixmbr". That will see the Grub entries replaced by Vista's there. Once Vista/XP is booting again unplug the Windows drive and reinstall ubuntu making the root as the "/ mount point". That's the main file system partition.

The last step once the Windows drive is plugged back in is to remember the check box when adding the new entry in for ubuntu. The "do not install Grub in bootsector" prevents the Windows mbr from seeing any change there. Ubuntu should load right up on the next try using this method.
I'm now a little further along.
I can boot into VIsta.
I can boot into XP PRO.
I can boot into Ubuntu.
Then the fun starts.
I get the window with Ububtu and the scroll bar
running across. It goes about 1/8 of the way and stops.
I then am presented with a black screen with large white letters
that look like an old DOS screen. Then Ubuntu hangs.
Pc eye, I don't know if I should do the last thing you posted or
wait for comments on my latest fiasco. I'm worn out now so I think I will wait to hear what you guys have to say.
Thanks for the help.
Can you please explain what the problem was and how you fixed it?

At any rate, if the Ubuntu screen shows that means that EasyBCD has done its job. After that, any crashes are a problem with Ubuntu & its configuration... You should probably ask for suggestions at the Ubuntu developer forums at Ubuntu Forums