Another Vista/XP Dual boot problem


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I am trying to make a dual boot with Vista and XP. I looked in other topics to find similar problems, there are lots but no situation that is the same as mine.

Here we go: I have a HP Pavillion dv6648se (DV6000 series) with a 200 gb hard drive. I split the hard drive into a C: and D: partion and I installed XP on the D: partition, Vista is on the C: partition. F: is the recovery partition but I also made recovery discs.

When using EasyBCD I have the following problem: when I want to make another entry and I select Windows XP as the OS, the drop down menu to select the hard drive is disabled. I think this shouldn't be this way, does anybody know how to fix this?

Now, I can sort of fool the program by first selecting the Vista as the OS, then select the D: drive and then select Windows XP OS again. The drop down menu to select the hard drive disbles again but stays on the right drive letter, D. An error message telles me now to put the file and the NTLDR file in the C: drive. I put them in the D: drive because that is where XP should load from I think. Now I have both entries properly configured (as far as I know) I restart the PC and boot into Vista. I get the following error:

Invalid Boot.ini file
Booting from C:\Windows\
NTDetect failed.

I tried to put the two files in the C: drive, the D: drive and both and I tried fooling around with boot.ini files but no result. I know that something needs to tell the pc that XP needs to load from the D: drive but I don't know how to get there. Also, if I don't have that problem with disabeling dropdown menu, maybe everything should be solved.

So I am stuck. It would be greatly apreciated if anyone could help me with this. Do I need another version of EasyBCD or do I need to move and configure NTDETECT, NTLDR and Boot.ini??
Please read the documentation before posting for help.

As it explains, it doesn't matter where XP is installed. NTLDR and NTDETECT must be on the boot drive; nowhere else will ever work.

It must be C:. You can't change.