Another Windows Error Recovery Loop Issue


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I've been googling around this issue, and haven't truly found a resolution to my problem. So here I present to you:

Running Vista 32 on my Dell Studio 1535 I had a few issues where the machine would just hang. I had full mouse control but couldn't interact with the machine otherwise (including Ctr+alt+del).

Running through a reboot seemed to fix it for a day or two, it happened again and this time on reboot I became stuck in a Windows Error Recovery Loop (neither "Launch Startup Repair" nor "Start Normally" do anything other than loop back to that screen). Here is a list of my actions and their effects:

Reboot: No effect, remain in loop.
Boot from a recovery CD: This tends to work, but I want to keep the data, so I'm attempting to repair it. On selecting "startup repair" the program tells me that the issue can't be fixed by this situation, move along.
Boot in safe mode: Worked once upon a time, now it simply boots until a program known as msrpc.sys (googling this gives no relevant data). The boot then hangs for 20sec, reboots the machine back to the Error Recovery loop.

I know where I'm going once I get the machine to work again (even in safe mode), my intentions are just to drop my important data onto an external drive and factory default my machine.

My two goals for this are A) getting the machine to a usable state, and B) Keeping my data, in that order. Granted the data should have been backed up, and I am suffering for not having backed it up. I'm learning a hard lesson, and any advice you have to make it easier would be much appreciated.
Hi Sid, welcome to NST.
I read that this is a possible symptom of a mis-jumpered HDD, but if it's intermittent, that's not likely.
Try using the recovery CD, but not "startup repair" (the boot isn't broken)
Use the "command prompt" option and run a chkdsk /f against your C: drive.
It will run for quite a while (depending how big C: is), but might find and fix dodgy HDD block(s) which might be reponsible.
If that doesn't fix the problem, from the same screen use "system restore" to go back to a SR point from before when the problem started if you have one available.