Another XP/Vista boot problem...



I had Xp pro on my drive C:. I added another physical drive and installed Vista onto it as an upgrade without touching the original XP installation. Later I added another drive or raid array separate from the last two drives which I partitioned into pieces. I put Vista64 on one partition and used easybcd to add it to the bootloader. That works.

Problem: imaged the C: drive to one of the raid array partitions but no matter what I do I cant get the new boot menu item to load it up. Instead the original C: drive boots every time.

Anyone know how you fix this?

You don't have any mbr entries when cloning an image from one drive to the next. The original XP installation is still the default OS on the system there since that saw it's own entries made in the master boot record(mbr).

The one method prior to seeing a second copy of XP installed onto the array would be booting up to the XP recovery console option seen on the install cd and using the Fixboot and Fixmbr commands if you can log onto the clone on the array. But that was a cloned not installed copy of Windows which would be seen as Windows XP #2.