Any chance of adding support for installing custom bootloaders to MBR / PBR?


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Backup / Restore MPR / PBR from file, as well as perhaps having several common bootloader files included to restore from.

Although, perhaps bury it behind an Advanced section and provide a good warning that incorrectly changing this could render the system unbootable without rescue media handy.

EDIT: Perhaps using a cmd script and dd for Windows?

EDIT2: I meant support for adding e.g. GRUB2 MBR instead of just Win 5 or Win 6
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It's an idea I've toyed with in the past, but it doesn't strictly make sense since the entries EasyBCD manages won't necessarily match up with what you'll see when you boot your PC. EasyBCD already has code to update the MBR/bootsector (I think it's in bootgrabber.exe), but is it currently so difficult to install GRUB2 that it would warrant its inclusion in EasyBCD?


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Normally to install GRUB2 they recommend booting from a Live CD. So (possibly downloading) and burning a live CD, booting from it, and re-installing GRUB2.

I found a utility that works nice from Windows, BootICE 1.3.2 x64 - just click "process MBR" and it brings up available MBRs to install (as well as backup / restore current).