Any Kodi experts out there to advise a Kodi newby ?


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Trying to migrate from WMC with Media Browser on Windows 7, to Windows 10 (No WMC, hence trying to manage my 5Tb Movie/TV/Music/Photo collections through a 3rd party alternative)
Installed Kodi, and since I don't want any streaming services or live TV, I assumed it would be simplicity itself to set up a WMC/MB clone pointing at local resources.
I've never come across such a bloated, non-intuitive piece of software in my life.
My archive is in 6 major categories

Photos (.jpg files)
Music (.mp3 files)
TV Series
Music Documentaries
History Documentaries

The last 4 all being .wtv files recorded via W7 WMC

No problem setting up the first 4 all works fine, just need to fine tune the appearance.
The problem comes trying to set up the last 2.
If I add main menu categories, and point to the respective sources, it appears to do what I want but the end result is that the 4 .wtv sources in the menu all end up referencing the last one defined, not what they were pointed at.
Kodi seems to have a "video" category which cannot be split.

How do I get Kodi to open on a main menu with those 6 choices, and have it go immediately to the correct place ?