Any Kodi experts out there to advise a Kodi newby ?


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Trying to migrate from WMC with Media Browser on Windows 7, to Windows 10 (No WMC, hence trying to manage my 5Tb Movie/TV/Music/Photo collections through a 3rd party alternative)
Installed Kodi, and since I don't want any streaming services or live TV, I assumed it would be simplicity itself to set up a WMC/MB clone pointing at local resources.
I've never come across such a bloated, non-intuitive piece of software in my life.
My archive is in 6 major categories

Photos (.jpg files)
Music (.mp3 files)
TV Series
Music Documentaries
History Documentaries

The last 4 all being .wtv files recorded via W7 WMC

No problem setting up the first 4 all works fine, just need to fine tune the appearance.
The problem comes trying to set up the last 2.
If I add main menu categories, and point to the respective sources, it appears to do what I want but the end result is that the 4 .wtv sources in the menu all end up referencing the last one defined, not what they were pointed at.
Kodi seems to have a "video" category which cannot be split.

How do I get Kodi to open on a main menu with those 6 choices, and have it go immediately to the correct place ?


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For posterity.
This is a design limitation of Kodi architecture, and can be circumvented by deleting all the main menu entries which lead to the same place and replace them with a set of "favourites" which point to the individual sources.
Customize the names and Icons and it'll look exactly the same but it will do what YOU want not what IT does.