Anyone here using Vista Bitlocker Encryption in dual boot?


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In a dual boot scenario XP unfortunately wipes out any Vista System Restore (a.k.a. System Protection in Vista) files the minute you boot back to XP.
The solution is either to physically separate the drives - no longer dual boot, or to use Vista's Bitlocker Drive Encryption.
My M/Board (Intel D865GBF) doesn't have TPM so have enabled Bitlocker to use either my USB flash drive or the external drive for the password backup.
Unfortunately encryption fails every time because it appears that Vista can't read the USB drives at bootup despite USB devices being enabled in BIOS.
Anyone any ideas of how to get around this or force Bitlocker to look elsewhere other than a USB drive?
I know you can use NeoGrub to work around this issue (hide the Vista partition from XP), but I'm not exactly sure how.

If you're willing to play around with it, let me know. (no danger to your system - everything will be running parallel)
I'm not so sure that it will stop the SR deletion as it only hides it from view, not sure that it makes the other OS untouchable.
Let me think about it, thanks.
No, it doesn't.

It makes XP not even see the existence of the Vista partition - it masks the second partition from the MBR.

Let me know what you decide.
I assume that I would still be able to dual boot without a problem? I read this in a couple of separate posts on the web "With restore disabled under XP it doesn't overwrite restore points on Vista", I find that too easy a solution to be true.
I think I'll just let things go on the way they are but thanks anyway. It's useful to be able to access one drive from the other.
I can't believe that M$ thinks that this isn't important enough for inclusion in Vista SP1 or XP SP3, or at least that's the impression they gave me when I asked them.
I think the strange was when M$ decided not to allow Vista to "see" any other OS but it self by default. Looks like M$ wanted us to use vista ONLY, not even older versions of Windows... I don't know what M$ means by that but, we'll have to dial with it, lucky we have EasyBCD, or we wouldn't be able to doalboot vista with any OS out there.

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