AppleOS10 help


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Hi I finally got os 10.4.3 to work I was in and things were running not too bad.
I then did a upgrade to 10.4.10 and now it is just rebooting by itself when i hit mac option.

Oh the problem that it did not work before was the serial keyboard, I took it out completely and put in a usb keyboard and that solved the problem of the install issues I was having, very weird.

Any ideas on how to fix this above?

Well, it's the same thing as a clean install: depending on how the DVD works, you might lose your bootloader.. looks like that's what happened.
ok so I guess i should do a clean install?Is 10.4.3 worth upgrading to 10.4.9?
Why do u think the keyboard was the problem?
How caN i use a serial keyboard?

Sorry for all the questions ,just trying to understand my setup?