Arg< Help Im Stressed


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ok so i need to reboot my windows XP. so i was told to change the boot order of my pc to reboot, so i accessed the BIOS info and when to the boot order tab, it says press space bar to disable and +/- to change order, but when i do, do that it does nothing, help me
Hi newbie, welcome to NST.
All BIOS programs do the same set of things, but look a lot different, and use differing ways to achieve what you want.
Don't be afraid to play about, to work out how to change things. Until you hit the "Exit and save changes", you won't have actually changed anything. If you c*ck it all up, select "exit without changing" and try again after rebooting, until you become familiar with it.
If you still can't figure it out, grab a camera, photograph the screen you don't understand and post it here, and we'll advise on how to do what you want.
Sounds like you are trying to reboot into XP on a different disk from where your other OS (Vista perhaps?) that you are rebooting from is located. EasyBCD can help you add an entry for XP that'll appear on a menu when you boot the computer and allow you to boot it rather then having to change the boot device in your BIOS every time you want to boot a different operating system from a different hard drive.

Don't be afraid to play around with the settings though so you can get used to it and post back if you have any questions.