As one problem ends, another one starts... the keyboard


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Well, on my Fujitsu-Siemens Esprimo Mobile V5505 notebook, some keys tend not to work, they however sometimes work so their not totally broken, no drivers are available from fujitsu website so i don't know what to do, any ideas? The letters that don't work are spread out randomly on keyboard like letters "a" "c" "n" i am using on screen keyboard to type all this at the moment

Is this just on Vista again, or both OSs ?
If the former, try what you did for the flashdrive. Delete the keyboard in Device Manager and make the OS reinstall the driver with a reboot.
If the latter, it's probably a trip to the repairers !
(Or if the keyboard is u/s, it would be cheaper to buy a USB keyboard. Here's one for £2.25 !)
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Shouldn't be a problem. Vista will just see the keyboard and go into its "new hardware detected" routine at boot.
ok trying now


still problem persists, it reinstalled successully standard ps/2 keyboard but the same keys are still not working, any more ideas?
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How long has this been happening? Did it just suddenly start? or has it been building up? i.e. keys sticking or giving problems before it started getting worse?

Reason for asking is that it may be possible that something is caught underneath the keys.

Have you tried using one of those canned air thingies (sorry can't remember the proper name at this time Duh) or using a small brush to try to get rid of it?

If that doesn't solve it, then I'm sure the others will eventually be able to help you out.
Been happening ever since i opened some DOS file a while back, the file has dissapeared and the keyboard hasn't been same since, canned air hasn't done anything unfortunately, its a software fault and reinstalling the driver has done nothing
I'd suggest a system restore back to a point before you opened that file, if you've got one available.
From Vista Help.Try replacing the driver via Control Panel/Keyboard.

‍‍Windows doesn't recognize my keyboard, or doesn't recognize some keys.

The driver software for your keyboard might be missing or need to be updated. If your keyboard came with a software disc, insert it into your computer to reinstall the driver software. Otherwise, follow these steps to update your driver software.
  1. Click to open Keyboard Properties.
    Click the Hardware tab, find the keyboard you're using, and then double-click it.
    Click the Driver tab, click Update Driver, and then follow the instructions.
  2. If you are prompted to restart your computer, do so.
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Try to update it from Device Manager/Keyboards/PS2 keyboard/Properties (or roll it back if the option is there - maybe a new driver went on that you can remove)
Do you have a 3rd party multi-media keyboard like me ?
If so Control panel/Programs & Features/uninstall the keyboard software and reinstall it from scratch.