Assign Letter C to second partition


I need to explain. I apologise for the long text, but otherwise it can be confusing.

Se here is what I've done

I installed windows 7 from Lenovo Disk. THis creates 3 partitions. I deteled the recovery partition. I am left with a System_DRV partition (No 1) and a WIndows 7 partition (No 2).

I made an Acronis image of the Windows Partition (No 2).

I created a new partition (No 3) same size as the Windows 7 partitition and restored the Acronis image there.

Using EasyBCD I created an MBR record on the third parition. In Windows I gave the third partition the letter Z. Using EasyBCD I Created a boot menu where I can load either WIndows on C: or WIndows on Z:

When I boot into WIndows on Z: It actualy reassigns the partition letter to D:. And C: Remains Partition No 2. This casues the two OS to share some configuration data, with undesired effects.

So, I need to Boot into Patition No 3 as C: and have Partition No. 2 have a different letter.

Breaking my head,

I think your Acronis software is being too clever and reassigning the letter of the image copy.
Does it have a "clone" option, or an option to suppress any modication of the image ?
I've used Paragon Drive Copy 9, which leaves the copy as C.
But Acronis Restores XP Partitions Just fine

I just restored an Acronis image of an XP and all wors fine, it assigns drive C to partition No 3, and PArtition No 2 is Drive D:, so it does not seem to be from Accronis.......
But that's exactly what Terry is saying.

It assigns different letters to the clones instead of keeping them C: