ASUS recovery partition and software

I've e-mailed their tech support too, but no reply yet.

I have a new N53S, and didn't burn the recovery disks right away due to stupidity, anyway, I messed it up, reinstalled from usb, replaced my old windows, got everything back how it was, and am trying to burn the disks. ASUS's AI Recovery Burner just keeps telling me the recovery partition does not exist, but it is exactly where they put it, still hidden, still 25 gigs with like ~18 used. I was hoping someone had some ideas.

Also, the f9 while booting to restore factory defaults isn't included on this one, which sucks because I stupidly assumed it would be when I skipped burning the disks.

Thanks for any advice!

oh, and I've gone into the recovery folder and checked their files and config stuff but didn't see what could help me, and messing with it is what caused my boot issues.
It's really manufacturer-dependent, we can't really help you burn that recovery partition into CD.

However, if you enable viewing of BOTH system and hidden files and you find a .WIM file on that partition, you can use EasyBCD to add an entry to the recovery partition on the boot menu.
Asus AI recovery Burner: Partition does not exist fix

I am very pleased to announce that I finally have the solution to this problem. I've had the same issue for months. I called Asus tech support and asked geeksquad at bestbuy. Both referred me to each other -_-...anyway you're ganna want to open the "AI Recovery" folder found in "program files x86" on you're harddrive. Mine was in the original (C) drive, I state this because I have/had 3 plus the one "Recovery (R)" drive from this issue. SO from program files x86, go to ASUS, then AI Recovery. Once in this folder scroll down to "ChangeHD" (type:application), its size is about 87kb. open/run the app. as an administrator. that should unmount/hide and put the partition files back to where they originally were. It doesn't take long at all, and once its finished you can run the AI Recovery burner normally as it should.

This issue frustrated me for quite some, so I had to post this since I couldn't find the solution anywhere else. I also made a tutorial on youtube because I tired looking there too for answers.