Attempted Restoration of Vista Bootloader


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I have a HP Notebook PC running Windows Vista. I believe the notebook may have been dropped. The notebook will not boot up. It stated the BootMgr is missing. When I run the Hard Disk Self Test it states "Replace Hard Disk 1". I then proceeded to purchase the Vista 32-bit Recovery Disk and follow the directions as provided. When finished I was able to boot up using the Recovery Disk but the Recovery Disk could not automatically repair the system. I followed subsequent steps provided i.e. Nuclear Holocaust measures to no avail. I presume the next step is to replace the hard drive and re-install Vista. Was hopin to save it!
Yep, it really sounds like your hard drive is busted.

If you've got a hundred dollars to spare the next time you buy a laptop, get one with an SSD. Those won't break when you drop them.