Audigy 4 Digital Audio On Windows Vista


I reffer to the article here in neosmart - the one with digital audio quides for vista.

"- Open Device Manager (Control Panel | System | Hardware | Device Manager) find the entry for the X-Fi and update the drivers for it with the ones you just extracted.

- Restart your computer.

- Open audio options in the Control Panel and enable/disable digital audio in the Other tab. "

Well, I think we're have a typing error here. Of course there's no X-Fi on the device manager if I'm using Audigy 4. Secondly, "Open audio other tab" _THERE ISN'T ANY OTHER TAB with ability to select digital output. I have installed the creative vista drivers, but still can't find the place where I can change into digital audio. And if I do select digital audio from creative audio console, it just doesn't matter (continues outputting analog signal). Problem isn't with my cable or amplifier, it's with the windows >:K.

I', using Windows Vista, Audigy 4, latest drivers and my speakers are system of 5.1 connected to my harman/kardon amplifier (optical wire).

Analog signal works just fine, but problem is into finding the digital audio changing button or to get the digital output / audio working.

In nutshell:
- Where is the digital output button in Windows Vista latest build?
- Do anyone have Audigy 4 + digital audio working, I think not?
- Correct the errors in article, that did not help me at all

Thank you.
I'm sure that entry was supposed to read "Audigy" instead of X-Fi... but I don't know about the rest..
maybe CG can help? He's online :grinning:
Hi Mellikki,

Welcome to NeoSmart Technologies!!

Jane is right, there is a minor typo (being fixed as we speak) in that entry.
The "Output Digital Audio" option is on the "Advanced" tab but not in the device manager.

The "Advanced" tab is in
Control Panel -> Audio Devices -> Double Click the Audigy -> Advanced

Hope that helps.
Still no succes.

I've tried all the drivers out there. X-FI and Vista drivers aren't even able to install because every time I try, bluescreen surprises me and computer boots. Creative Audigy 4 Win Vista drivers were able to go trough the installation once, but after I tried several other drivers, I'm not able to install any driver anymore.

Where's the f*n Digital Output [x] in Windows Vista? There should be one even if I'm using the Audigy 4 Default drivers. Or?

I've looked everywhere, there's no "advanced" or at least I can't find any from anywhere.
It should be on a tab called "Other" and is available no matter what drivers you choose unless the drivers don't have any options.


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