Audio Problem


Computer Specs:

System Model:
Acer Aspire B300

Operating System:
Windows Vista Professional (build 5600)

2.00 gigahertz Intel Pentium 4
8 kilobyte primary memory cache
512 kilobyte secondary memory cache

Main Circuit Board:
Board: Acer L4S5MGX
Bus Clock: 100 megahertz
BIOS: Award Software International, Inc. R05-A2 08/12/2002

NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 400 (Microsoft Corporation - XDDM) [Display adapter]
Acer AC711 [Monitor] (16.3"vis, s/n ES7062350050F, August 2002)

Realtek AC'97 Audio
Unsupported Standard Game Port

Bus Adapters:
Microsoft iSCSI Initiator
SiS 7001 PCI to USB Open Host Controller (2x)
ULi PCI to USB Open Host Controller (3x)
ULi USB 2.0 Enhanced Host Controller


The problem


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4- Here is an attempt to uninstall and reinstall the driver. after the error i still get the same results above

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More info:
this is the Windows Vista advisor screenshot running under Vista:

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More screeshshots from Directx Diagnostic tool:

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this driver was installed by Windows Update. i wasnt able to find out what other alternative i can use for my hardware. last i remember in windows xp windows update installed the SoundMAX software for me.. sound 3D.

Now all what i get is a "No Output Device is installed"

It has been 2 days since i installed RC1. everything is working fine except for the sound issue. i hope someone has a solution for me.

I hope we can help you too.... but can I ask that you upload your images via the forums' built-in attachment feature? Just edit your post and select "Upload File" because they're not showing this way for some weird reason.

Thanks for the quick reply.
i got this error while trying to attach the images.
Formatting Errors Detected:
The system found the following errors while processing your content:

The file you are attempting to upload excedes your maximum allowed amount of disk space. Try removing some older attachments to gain more space.

i added direct links to the images. are they working ?
i have the page u gave me as a saved tab.. its very helpful and it seems like i can get it fixed using the guide i just have one problem i dont seem to find out what Intel Chipset Drivers are necessary for my board.
I used the intel chipset detector from but it keeps on giving me a script error everytime i run it. so maybe anyone with knowledge about chipsets is able to find my chipset model.

i provided the full details.. what am i missing ? how can i figure out my chipset family.

The chipset drivers are only for improving the quality of already present audio, to minimize crackling and hissing on affected boards. Moreover, it is no longer applicable on newer builds.

Just continue the guide ignoring that bit.. sorry!
both installed wont work. the Realtek AC'97 Driver gives me a "Hard Error" while the SoundMAX installer wont start.
this is the latest screen shot of my problem running windows update and having the device manager open.
before it detects Realtek AC'97 Audio Driver but its unable to start the device.
Now It doesnt seem to detect the device just a "Multimedia Audio Controller" and here in the screenshot is the error i am am getting using windows update.

Click Here For Image