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I have a ASUS mother board with SoundMax Digital Audio sound card that I am have issues with. I purchased a logitech ClearChat Style headset that works fine at the computer instore, however I only get one channel of audio out and the computer is not receiving any input from the microphone.

I only have limited skills when it comes to the background workings of computers and I have not been able to see why this is not working. The headset jacks on the back of the computer have no sound at all and the front jacks are only giving single channel sound.

If someone could give me some advice I would appreciate it. Thanks, :smile:
Plug in your headphones/microphone, then...

In XP, open control panel and switch to classic view if necessary in order to select sound devices. Use the tabs in the dialog to set up and configure your device(s).

In Vista, open the start menu and start typing "Sound" into the search box until it shows up in the menu. Select it and you should get similar dialog as you would in XP.

The playback tab is for your speakers/headphones and the recording tab is for your microphone.
Thanks for the reply. I appreciate the help, but I have done all of that and I still don't get proper sound and no response from the microphone. I was wondering if it had anything to do with drivers? I have used many different computers and have never had issues with headsets until now. I am not familare with SoundMax Digital Audio intagrated sound cards. I have tried to see if there was support for them on the internet, but their site is not downloading for me.
Did a quick search and found this info and Asus Website

Where can I get driver software for my SoundMAX Digital Audio System?
SoundMAX is a computer "sound card" which has been built directly into the motherboard of the computer. It uses the computer's main processor rather than a separate processor on a separate sound card. This is often called "onboard audio" or "integrated audio."

SoundMAX does not provide drivers or software directly to computer users. To download drivers, you need to contact your computer maker (or motherboard maker if your computer was built from parts). The websites for these computer and motherboard makers are given below.

ASUSTeK Computer

Hope this helps.