Automating multi boot sequence


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I have an interesting problem to solve.

I am planning to set up a system with the following OSes in a same hard drive

1. Windows XP - NTFS - Primary
2. Windows Vista - NTFS - Primary
3. Ubuntu - ext3 - Primary
4. Ubuntu SWAP

I should be able to change the active (default) boot partition inside any OS. For example,

* I logged in to Windows XP
Changing default boot to Linux
system boots automatically to Linux

* I logged in to Linux
Changing default boot partition to Vista
System boots automatically to Vista

and so.

Can some one suggest how to achieve this. Will Easy BCD help?
I am OK to add/modify partitions.

Hello raj_cit, welcome to NST

The program you're thinking of is iReboot, but it can only be used within your Windows OSes.