backup disks cross os??!?


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i love linux but the rest of my family hates it......

i know im probably entering this in vain of any help..

i installed linux maybe a week ago and my parents are flipping out over it.

this cpmputer used to have windows vista on it...

if i were to get a recovery disk would that bring the windows back to life?

and also this cpmuter is a toshiba satellite L305D-S5900 id that helps the problem any
As long as you didn't overwrite the Toshiba recovery partition, you should be able to access "factory reset" by holding down the zero key as you power up.
If you've destroyed that too, you might be able to get a free Vista DVD from MS to do a reinstall.
Otherwise it's buy new recovery discs from Toshiba, or borrow a Vista DVD and reinstall using your PC key not the one on the DVD
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