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Hello all,

I am looking for a reliable method for performing scheduled backups of a remote PC and that backup wind up on my local PC. My daughter is away at college, has a laptop and I can't rely on her to ensure she keeps an updated offsite backup of her critical, always changing data.

The ideal situation is that she has a backup kick off every Sunday morning at 03:00 that auto-magically sends to my local PC. They both are Windows 7. I see Windows Backup and Restore only uses local media.

Perhaps I can do something like have a FTP/SSH/SCP server running on her PC and do weekly copies of her local backup. Just looking for other ideas from others who might already have this same need and have a working solution. Thanks.


Does the backup have to be on your computer or can it be on another system remote from her location? Several backup programs [like Norton 360] provide security plus bckup with an option to store the files on their servers [online backup]
If you can refine your 'need' a bit it will make it easier to suggest possible solutions


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The backup software is going to have to be on her machine, from which, depending on the software, she should be able to back up to practically anywhere either in the Cloud or within a network. The only way you could initiate it is if you had the software that allows you to access your computer from anywhere (except it would be hers of course and you both would have to co-operate on this) - the name of which escapes me at this very moment. GotomyPC or something similar.
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Crashplan allows you to backup to a friend's machine over the internet for free and if you pay so much a month you can also have it back things up online.