Bad nst_grub


I recently ugraded to Windows 7 from Vista and that overwrote the Grub that came with Ubuntu. I've booted via SuperGrub and rewrote the bootloader just for the Ubuntu partition, then added it to EasyBCD. When booting, I have the option to enter Grub or load Windows. From Grub I see the Ubuntu choices and Windows, but when I selected any Ubuntu choice, it gives Error 15: File not found. Referring to nst_grub.mbr. I can find that file on my C drive and it seems suspciously empty. Is this a problem with EasyBCD writing the nst_grub.mbr or a problem with Grub loading itself?
Thanks for getting back to me. I was not using 2.0. I've now installed 2.0 build 64, and the NST folder contains two different files which appear more like what I'm looing for (menu and NeoGrub). So, now, when I choose to load an Ubuntu OS, it finds the target in the menu file, but then gives error 22: no such partition, and gives the UUID of my Ubuntu partition. Also, when I re-added the Linux boot item I checked "GRUB isn't installed to MBR/bootsector".
Only check that box if Linux is on a different HDD to W7.
If they share a disk, delete the entry, uninstall Neogrub, and add the entry again selecting the Linux /boot partition from the dropdown and leaving the box blank. (Ticking that box installs Neogrub and uses it to bridge to the grub on the other HDD (which can't handle not being on the boot drive properly))
OK, I did that, and I can see how that would happen if it's looking for that partition on some other physical drive. But now the NST folder has reverted to it's previous condition (no menu or neogrub, just nst_linux) and the "Error 15: File not Found" is back. Thanks for your help.
The error 15 indicates "wrong place"
Are you sure you're picking the right partition in the drop-down list ?
Are you confident that boot/grub/menu.lst is on that partition ? Can you confirm it by booting the Ubuntu CD "live" and verifying that it's installed on that partition and not somewhere else.
I wonder if one of the Ubuntu updates installed Grub2 like Debian Squeeze did? If so, and if the Chainload into grub2 from grub-legacy wasn't offered as an option (it only is with the grub package in Debian), then there isn't any /boot/grub/menu.lst anymore. I found that if that wasn't there, then EasyBCD wouldn't successfully boot Debian.

My temporary solution was to leave the Chainload into Grub2 intact, and not fully upgrade from grub-legacy so that EasyBCD could still handle my dual-boot with Windows 7 and Debian Squeeze. And I'm hoping for future improvements in EasyBCD so that it knows what to look for when Linux is using grub2.
I have solved my problem. I did so by setting the root to dev/sda5 where my Ubuntu is instead of having it look for the UUID. Once in Ubuntu, I checked my UUID and it had been changed. I suspect this occured when I changed the inode size to 128 so I could access the partition from Windows. Thank your for taking time to work with me.