Bad XP install (Dual boot problem)


I upgraded my computer to XP Home yesterday. I made two partitions on a WD 80 gigHD. 15 gigs for the OS and the rest for "Games". After I got it running, I was going to format the "games" partition off of the CD but it installed part of XP and crashed. I tried to reformat going thru the admin services of XP but no dice.

The problem is:
1. Can't get Games to work.
2. When I boot up, I have to choose XP or XP. The one on the bottom allows a good boot but the option window to choose the second XP listing is only there for short time.

If I don't choose, I get an error that some file is missing. I'm using a new valid XP disk without SP2. Had to download it separately.

Can this problem be fixed?
1) Do you mean you can't get the games partition to be formatted? Or what exactly?
2) Open up C:\Boot.ini and delete the unneeded/not working entry.
So after you got the XP isntalled on C:\ you used the CD to format the Games drive and it crashed. Now you cant access the drive?

Right click My Computer>Manage>Disk Management. See if you can format the drive there. If not check out the thread here:

Disc Formatting tools - The NeoSmart Forums

There are a bunch of tools there that you can use to format. As for the entry. Start>run>msconfig>boot.ini tab. From there check all boot paths. It should find that he entry for the games partition is bad and remove it. If not jsut manually remove it form there.

Just to elaborate what Mahmoud said really. :wink:
I formatted from disk managment after the first install to C:. When I tried to format Games it crashed AND did a partial install, giving the dual boot type problem. I'll try the boot.ini fix and get back to you.
Thanks for the quick replies.


I used the msconfig method and it worked. Thanks again for the help and quick replies.
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So is everything working now like it should be? Were you able to format the "games" partition and use it for what you want now?

Glad to hear the boot issue is fixed. :smile: