Base filtering Engine


Hi i got a problem with my vista the Base Filtering Engine has been turned off, which has lead to my antivirus not working.. Can some tell me how you turn it back on?

Many thanks
Hi Howie, welcome to NST,
This cropped up recently
but none of our suggestions seemed to help.
Read through and see if there's anything of any use to you.

(I take it you've tried admin tools/ services, and started it again ?)

i wasn't sure where to look to restart it again! fixed it now! thans alot.

another quick question when i open some programms like outlook it says teh windows search engine disable how do you fix that?

Sorry i'm not great with windows software
I'm not the best person to answer questions about windows search, I turned off the search indexing as just about my first action after installing Vista, if that's what you're talking about.
It's turned on/off by right clicking on each partition in explorer, and ticking/unticking the indexing box in properties.
I don't use Outlook or any part of MS Office suite, so I don't even know what the search does in that, or how it's controlled.
Stick around, there are plenty here who do.