BCD Commercial Software Snafu.

John D. Johnson

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My new Vista system hicoughed and quit on me when the C Drive connection came loose on my mobo. Rather than follow the first rule of electronic troubleshooting -- a visual or touch inspection -- I bought a slick multi-boot system I thought would fix it for me. My monkeying around resulted in putting a new MBR on one of my SATA Raid arrays, but the problem wasn't solved, though I was hell bent on installing XP! Fortunately, I resisted the XP temptation and went back to basics and pushed the drive cable back onto the mobo. . The system was all bolluxed up but by using the Vista disk manager I was able to clean it up a bit. Then for a week or so, I read all the posts I could about faulty boots and so on. Then I lit on this board and I knew I had reached the promised land.

Easy BCD resolved the issue in no time and I reduced a 30 second time out to five seconds in the bargain.I really appreciate this because, we use our computer for school work, occasional newsletter writes, video editing and the many other things we do with our computers (gaming and web browsing.) Playing doctor to a sick computer is really beyond my abilities -- thank you all who run and support this site -- it ranks up there with the Adobe Premiere forum, my other most favorite site. Very truly, john d. johnson
Hello John,

Thank you very much for your kind words - they're highly appreciated.

It's moments like this that make writing free software worth it. If you ever need anything else, please don't hesitate to ask.